Postponed Wedding? Here’s what we did!

Hey guys! It’s been a while. I just haven’t had much to say. Life is limited right now…

If you follow me on any social media, you will be aware that G and I should have tied the knot on Saturday 12th September. Unfortunately, due to Covid, this was not possible for us.

While I have been open about the fact that this is hard, until the date passed I couldn’t really talk about it in much depth. I needed to get beyond the date I had been looking forward to for two years before I could reflect.

So, this is what we did when deciding to postpone and what happened on the day.

When all of this lockdown stuff started and the world was watching Tiger King and baking bread, we were deep in conversations with all of our suppliers and our venue trying to find out what our options were. Not easy when we don’t have a scapegoat (Carole F**king Baskin!) to blame- it would have been easier if it was a human problem as we would have known the time line a bit better then.

Photo by Laura Eddolls

As March turned into April and so on, we realised that this Covid business wasn’t going away but couldn’t make a decision on a new date until our venue could confirm one with us.

In the strange “we officially have a September wedding date but we know for sure it won’t happen even though it isn’t confirmed” stage of wedding planning, there was not a lot we could do but here is what we did.

We stayed in contact with our venue as much as we could- when ever the Government released an update we checked in. Even if just a short email.

We also stayed in contact with our suppliers – we chose some excellent local talent for things like Photography, Decor, Dress Alterations and Invites and we did not want to lose them so we made sure to keep them informed with what our plans were. Even when the plan was to keep waiting for a solid plan!

I would recommend doing this as it’s not only good manners but also because this is their livelihood too. We want to make sure that we keep a contract in place for us and for them. We don’t want to lose them.

One thing we could have done better ourselves was communication with people who were being invited. We went with letting people know we would probably have to delay and then waiting for a confirmed date before telling people when that was. It sounds like a good way to do it in theory but, as we didn’t get our new date confirmed until July, a few of our loved ones panicked that we had uninvited them. In retrospect, I can see we should have checked in about the wedding more but it was pretty hard/ upsetting to discuss with suppliers never mind loved ones.

Photo by Laura Eddolls

Once the new date was confirmed, we had already made all of our suppliers aware so it was pretty easy to transfer over in that respect.

After the new date was confirmed though, I felt really depleted. All that excitement and nowhere to direct it for almost another year. I also felt scared that G was now going to change his mind about the wedding overall. Don’t ask me why as I really don’t know.

So G and I made a plan- we kept our long weekends booked off work (cancelling the honeymoon time) and also kept the cottage that my bridesmaids and I had booked for the weekend. (We would have stayed the night before and got ready and then the second night the girls and their partners would have been able to stay again.)

Photo by Laura Eddolls

We didn’t book too many/ any activities in as we wanted to follow how we felt. We had a nice meal in the pub local to the cottage on the Friday evening and spent the rest of the night just enjoying being together.

The day of the wedding was kept chilled too, we were treated to a couple of deliveries to the cottage which was very thoughtful and perked us up a bit. We treated ourselves to a boozy brunch and a relaxing day.

It is important to me to be honest about that because if we had planned in much more than that I don’t think we would have been in the mood for it. It was a very bittersweet weekend and so we didn’t want to add extra pressure for ourselves. The day should have always been about the two of us and celebrating our relationship so that’s what we did in our own way.

Our lovely photographer Laura came to join us for a few hours a bit later in the day to mark the day and help us get comfortable with the camera.

I am not sure I will ever be fully comfortable but there are some lovely shots thanks to Laura! Although, I should have made sure the iron worked- you will probably see what I mean. Blame wardrobe (me) not the photography.)

This brings me to a point for future Becky (and all the people like me!); stop picking yourself apart! Especially in such stunning photos. You look like a bride because you are a bride 👰🏼. Look at how obvious the love is between you and G, remember how much fun you had, how good you felt. Materials crease, bodies become squishy when cuddled and brides are not “one size fits all”- nor should they be!

You are loved and you are in love- that is why you are getting married regardless of when the wedding can happen or how you may look 💖

Photo by Laura Eddolls

📸 All photos are credited to Laura Eddolls 📸

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