My name is Becky (this is me, Hi!)


I’d like to share my story with you so far.

It’s all honest and from the heart so some of it may be hard to read but all of it deserves to be read with love and respect in your heart.

The reason that I want to tell my story is simple. I have a massive stigma attached to me. A stigma that all children who grow up in care end up in prison/ with drug or alcohol problems/ amount to nothing in the end. Yep, another bullsh*t stigma.

I am already so much more than any of that and am here to tackle this stigma head on and take some of its power away.

For too many years I believed it about myself and gave it far too much power. I let make me ashamed. I hid my truth and in doing so dimmed my light.

I let it keep me in a state of self preservation, this served me as well as it could. It kept me alive and – for the most part – safe.

But, in the last year something happened. Something so magical and extraordinary that it turned my entire “truth” about myself on it’s head.

I fell in love.

And that’s not the best part. The person I fell in love with was me!

So, if you’re willing, I’d like you to cosy up and settle in. And when you’re ready, I’d like to begin to tell you the story of how…

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