Lock Down – Activities for your Soul

This one is short and sweet. Now that Boris has incited a partial lock down, sh*t is getting REAL… and so it should.

As I touched on in yesterdays blog (Self Love in Isolation) it can get pretty tough on our mental health to be in the house so much. I gave some physical and cleaning ideas yesterday but today I want to give you some quieter, calmer ideas for your soul.

This is actually a great time to do a bit of emotional work so let’s get started on the idea sharing (comment with further ideas, comments).

  • 📓 Journal! Write, write, write. Journalling ideas are;
    •  Gratitude lists – Running water, heat, electricity, food in the fridge… what are you grateful for that we all usually take for granted?
    •  Sh*t lists – Because life is not all sunshine and rainbows, negativity needs an outlet too, don’t let it fester!
    •  Who are you staying in for and what’s your way of keeping yourself in and safe? (It’s okay if it’s for yourself, you are worthy of that)
    •  What/ who are you going to prioritise spending more time doing/ with when we can all leave our homes? (Why not tell those people how much you value them and would like to prioritise them too? Make their day!)
    • Lists! – Hinch lists, shopping lists (to do online, if possible for you), lists of favourite movies (then watch them?), favourite songs (listen?), the list world is your oyster!
  • 👩🏼‍💻 Work – if you are fortunate enough to still be able to work at home then doing so may help to keep some normality for you.
  • 📞 Call/ Facetime/ Voice note/ Text your loved ones – don’t fully isolate yourself!
  • Watch your favourite series again or find something new.
  • 🏃🏼‍♀️ Exercise – use your once a day outside wisely. Breathe in some fresh air!
  • 🧼 Of course, clean up and tidy – Heals the soul. The home reflects the mind and vice versa. Would you like a calm or chaotic mind?
  • ♟ Play games!

Also, feel free to keep busy with other ideas from yesterday.

Again, comment with any add ons, etc.

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