My Cheesecake brings no boys to my yard..

And I’m like 🎶”It’s probably not better than yours, I could teach you but it’s not worth the charge…” 🎵

Advice: boys, stay out of my yard, social distancing is key! 🔑

So I got 100% of votes in the last hour to say you wanted to learn how to make my Mini Egg Cheescake*. There were 15 votes, okay! But that is still 100% of the votes so let’s crack on.

Graeme is actually allergic to eggs so this is a quick, egg free, bake free recipe. Honestly, the setting was the longest part!

*Disclaimer: I loosely based this on a recipe from Charlotte’s Lively Kitchen! (Check her out, she is awesome!!)


  • 200g digestives (half plain and half milk chocolate) 🍪
  • 80g butter
  • Half an Easter Egg
  • 80g bag of Mini Eggs (broken up a bit in a bowl using a rolling pin or with pestle and mortar)
  • 80g Mini Eggs (in tact)
  • 230g Philadelphia Lightest
  • 100g Caster Sugar
  • 200ml double cream
  • Caramel Syrup (A decent splash)
  • 180g Milky Buttons


  • Line your cake tin with parchment paper or butter as I had no paper and didn’t class it as an essential to go out for
  • Crush your biscuits (if you are lazy like me then I broke them and popped them in the blender on the thickest setting)
  • Melt butter
  • Mix butter with biscuits and fill the bottom of the tray with it. Use a spoon to flatten/ even out
  • Put tin in the fridge for base to set
  • Whisk cream until it has stiff peaks
  • Melt Buttons
  • Add sugar, caramel syrup and cooled melted buttons,whisk
  • Gently mix in broken Mini Eggs
  • Add to tray with base, use a spoon to even, smooth and flatten
  • Leave to set for 2 hours
  • Take out and add your Easter Egg and whole Mini Eggs (however you want it to look but my picture is below)


My advice is to enjoy a slice with your hot beverage of choice ☕️ but this really is up to you. Enjoy!

Also, a gentle reminder, you are under no obligation to be creative, to turn into a baker, to turn into Mrs Hinch, etc. Surviving right now is key. So is staying safe and staying at home. 🏡

I am only personally being productive to stop myself going stir crazy and to hopefully make people/ one person smile! 🥰





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