Travel Break: Part 3: Koh Samui

Thank you for rejoining me. We are still on the gorgeous island of Koh Samui, this is where we left off.

On the Friday night, we went to the night market in the fisherman’s village (Bophut). My one tip- do not eat before you go! The food stalls were aplenty and soooooo good (honestly, drool worthy).

We travelled there and back for free with Feel Travel Samui as we had booked a day trip with the for the Saturday. If we didn’t go free, the taxi would have been around £400bht each way which is actually not bad at all!

We arrived around 6pm and knew we had around 20 mins to find somewhere to watch the sunset so had a quick meander down the main street of the market in the hopes of finding a good spot. We did. If you go, you must check out Coco Tam’s! It’s a gorgeous beach bar/ restaurant that has a private part of the beach. There are low tables with massive bean bags to relax facing out to sea. Combine that with the person you love, the setting sun, a fresh coconut to drink and some chill out music and you have a recipe for heaven on earth, which is exactly what it felt like.

After a chill out on the beach front, we went back to explore the market and eat all of the street food. As a general rule in the UK we don’t trust street food but in Thailand street food is THE BEST.

The market was awesome too, we bought a few things, including gifts for my bridesmaids (they don’t know who they are, YET), a frame for our engagement photo and a crystal necklace for me (Flourite, although I had no idea why I picked it I was just drawn to it).

When we got back, we had a few drinks with our pup, Colin but went to bed early for our day trip the next day.

We got to the Pier at 8am the following morning and were provided with a light breakfast. Before getting on the boat, we were warned that it might rain and there may be high winds later in the day but we would travel before them if possible. This didn’t deter any of us, and I am glad!

The speedboat ride to Koh Toa was uneventful but beautiful. Graeme and I sat at the front of the boat but it was a bit too bouncy so we went to sit in the back. I sat right at the back and Graeme sat in the middle, where the spare seats were.

Khoa Toa was immediately stunning and we went straight to the Japanese Gardens to snorkel. We swam out until the water was deep and clear. The views were spectacular, I saw lots of rainbow coloured fish, tiny shark looking fish and a big maggot looking thing at the bottom that was spitting things out (gross but I am sure that one of the things swam away!). I was watching this thing for so long that Graeme came to ‘rescue’ me!

After a bit of snorkeling we had a lunch provided and I ate way too many Thai Prawn Crackers… Then, I decided to wander up to the view-point before the boat to Koh Nang Yuan – we had 30 mins. At the bottom of the view-point, I realised that I sadly didn’t have enough time to go up so walked around the wooden path and still saw an incredible view at the end. I will definitely get to the top next time!

It was a short ride to the swim/ snorkel spot in Koh Nang Yuan. We were told immediately not to climb on the rocks as it is disrespectful. A few of us jumped off the boat to snorkel some more. I did but Graeme didn’t as he could feel the winds picking up. This time my fear of deep water came out as it was more difficult to swim back.

When I made it back to the boat, I was there about 5 minutes before people were asked to come back on to the boat to leave as it was starting to rain and the winds had picked up. A few people struggled to swim back but one of the crew members jumped off with a float and pulled them all to safety! Such a strong man!

Just after setting off, it started to storm a little- rain and very high winds. We had to sit in the same seats so I ended up at the back. This meant that the waves were crashing over the boat and therefore over my head! I thought it was the start of The Perfect Storm Part 2.

I started to panic and cry because I felt like I was paralysed and Graeme was far from me. The lady who did the diving came straight over and lifted me off the seat. A man from a Greek couple had seen it all and gave me his seat. My legs gave way so they both helped me together. for the next 20 minutes the lady stood at the side of me and he stood behind me to protect me.

Another crew member realised what was happening (I and a few others were seriously afraid) so began to sing and dance. Well, to distract basically.

By the end of the journey there was music on the speaker and everyone on the boat was singing and dancing because of that one man starting to sing.

All of these people who helped did not speak my language as their first but knew exactly what to do. It really restored my faith in humanity!

I have never been more glad to step foot on shore before in my life!

That night was spent having fun with our new friends (and Colin) at our new local, Eclypso. We drank far too many cocktails and sank far too many shots but it was the most amazing fun!

We went back for a Thai massage the next morning, as we had on the Friday, then said our goodbyes and left Colin some food and treats before our journey home.

I am looking forward to planning our next life-changing adventure into marriage.


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